We possess an extended machinery stock which enables us to provide our customers with high quality services, such as CNC milling, thermoforming, bending and glueing plastic, laser cutting and engraving as well as thermal cutting.

cutting and engraving

We use a CO2 laser for laser cutting and engraving which enables us to create various elements with an extremely high level of precision. It also ensures the possibility of creating a wide variety of shapes. Moreover, a distinctive feature of this technique is the speed with which it works as well as the aesthetics of the surface of sides’ edges which are created thanks to it. We use specialized software which influences rationalization costs by leaving the minimum amount of waste. We can make every project, even the most complicated one, a reality thanks to it.   

Materials: PMMA, plywood  

Format: 700 x 500 mm 

Thickness: up to 10 mm


It is a type of machining which makes it possible to shape various surfaces, grooves, canals, 3D shapes, and other non obvious surfaces. Consequently, it is a technique which makes it possible to process plastics (such as PMMA, HIPS, PVC, etc.), wood, and engineered wood (MDF, laminated boards, plywood). Computer control of numeric machines influences the acquisition of the most complicated shapes in a short time span, which is impossible to achieve by employing traditional means of processing. Using this technique makes every project we undertake extremely precise. In this case, one can count on a large reduction of costs.   

Materials: PMMA, HIPS, PVC, plywood, furniture boards, dibond   

Format: 2000 x 1500 mm 

Thickness: 300 mm


Thermoforming is a method which relies on heating a plastic (PMMA, HIPS, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PET) to a level which exceeds its plasticity. Subsequently, a shape is imprinted in a mould or in a form in a vacuum chamber. Thank to this method, it is possible to transform a product which is very simple in perception into an advanced product with significantly more developed space. It makes it possible to create a cheap, light element with complicated shapes.   

Materials: HIPS, PMMA, PVC, PET 

Format: 400 x 250 

Thickness: up to 3 mm


Bending plastics is another excellent method which enables us to achieve and give various shapes to processed elements. The action consists in heating a material along the line of bending to a temperature above its plasticity level. As a result, a product can be easily shaped and formed according to your ideas. Products which constitute the result of this work are a perfect basis for further usage. They can be used in the advertising business on a large scale to produce retail displays, display stands, advertising retail stands and other elements.    

Materials: PMMA, HIPS, PVC 

Maximum bending length: 1300 mm 

Thickness: up to 6 mm


Thermal cutting is done by means of a technical plotter. It is mainly used in case of Styrofoam, styrodur, and technical foams. It is a technology which makes it possible to make large-sized and light elements. Thanks to the use of materials with low absorption of water, ready products can be later placed in displays outside, for example, they can be attached to the exterior of a building.    

Materials: styrodur, Styrofoam, technical foam 

Format: 1200 x 1200 mm 

Thickness: up to 500 mm


We also provide precise glueing of plastics. The employed method allows us to be extremely accurate and gives high durability. Moreover, the glued edge is virtually colourless. You also will not see any bubbles or any leftovers of the glueing substance on the connected surfaces. We also do not restrict ourselves when it comes to the employed products and thus we can adjust to the preferences and the needs of our clients. You can count on exceptional quality and precision when you choose us.   

Materials: PMMA, PVC, PE 

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