We are a producer of POS products who have been creating original solutions designed to help our customers in the presentation of their products since 2012. We know how significant the activation and growth of sales are.

We have always known
that good promotion is the foundation of success.

You may have an exceptional product but it will not do you much good if your potential customers do not know about it. We had inborn creativity, good intuition, and the ability to think outside the box!   

What to do about it?  

Undoubtedly, take advantage of it in the best way possible! We wanted to share our knowledge and help develop various types of businesses. Consequently, starting a business was only a matter of time. And so we did! Our dreams became a reality in 2012. We launched BMD Project that year.  

Now, after several years have passed, we can say with complete certainty that we hit the proverbial bull’s-eye. This initiative has opened up a fantastic path before us which enabled us not only to combine work with passion but it also allowed us to realize innovative projects for you. In our work, each success you enjoy is simultaneously our success.   

However, let’s start from the beginning! 

BMD Project was created
with creating original solutions in mind which contribute to the activation and growth of sale.

We supply our customers with professional advertising display stands, retail displays, stands, and other carriers while maintaining required standards.   

We use the highest quality materials in our work.  

We pay attention to the tiniest detail and, as a consequence, the products which we release into the world exhibit high durability and they are aesthetically pleasing. Our advertising products are easy to transport and easy to assemble at the same time. Each order is important for us regardless of the level of difficulty and the size of the order. We always want to keep pace with you and transform every idea you have into a reality.   

Consequently, we do not rest on our laurels and we constantly expand our knowledge.   

We are not limited by shape or form.  

Thanks to it you will attract the attention of each and every customer and you will achieve success you have always dreamed of.  


You have a product but you do not know how to display it – you can rely on our experience, we will find the perfect solution for you!


We also offer such services as:   

  • Laser cutting and engraving,  
  • CNC milling,  
  • Thermoforming,  
  • Plastic bending,  
  • Thermal cutting,  
  • Glueing plastics.  
  • Display racks and cabinets 
  • Retail displays 
  • Advertising display stands 
  • Display units 
  • Product displays 
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tel. +48 510 184 526
tel. +48 798 274 551

e-mail biuro@bmdproject.pl


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