We pay attention to the tiniest detail and, as a consequence, the products which we release into the world exhibit high durability and they are aesthetically pleasing.

koncepcja01. Concept

projekt02. Project

prototyp03. Prototype

produkcja04. Production

dostawa05. Delivery

You have a product and you do not know how to display it? 
No problem! You can rely on our experience – we will find the perfect solution for you and we will undertake every challenge.


You will be clearly a cut above the rest of the competition and effortlessly achieve what you want.   

BMD Project deals with the development and production of retail displays, advertising cabinets, display units, display stands, and other carriers while maintaining the highest possible standards. Our products are durable and stand out thanks to their good value for money. By investing in them, you can be assured of an attractive design which will attract customers to you and enable you to spread your wings in your field of business.     

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We always want to keep up with you and turn your ideas into a reality. Consequently, we do not rest on our laurels and we constantly expand our knowledge.

dostawaLaser cutting
and engraving

dostawaCNC milling


dostawaplastic bending

dostawathermal cutting

dostawaglueing plastics

We have got some valuable knowledge for you. Interesting reports and information which will help you grow your business. You will discover your own potential thanks to them and it will help you be more open for new challenges. We invite you to read our blog!


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BMD Project Sp. z o.o.

ul. Spławie 44b
61-312 Poznań
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Zapytania ofertowe:

tel. +48 510 184 526
tel. +48 798 274 551

e-mail biuro@bmdproject.pl


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