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We design, produce and assemble POS (point of sale) advertising and products. Our experience and passion make our products not only solid and durable but also unique and eye-catching.

Orders are completed in 5 simple steps.



We prepare a concept product on the basis of our client’s specifications, sketches, descriptions, etc. We usually prepare several concepts and our clients can choose the one which is the most suitable solution for them.

BMD project POS conceptszkic sharpie    koncepcja2


On the basis of the concept product, we create technical documentation which will subsequently help us to create a prototype. We estimate the price at this stage.

BMD project Ironcad 1      BMD project Ironcad 2


The prototype is a fully functioning product which is produced in complete accordance with the technical documentation. Its main purpose is to check its functionality, compatibility with the client’s products as well as to introduce changes prior to batch production. This step can be omitted in case of small batch productions. 

BMD project prototyp   BMD project prototyp2


After the prototype is accepted and potential changes are introduced, the production of the product begins. Our experience and constant pursuit of product optimization allow us to quickly produce highest-quality equipment.

BMD produkcja frezowanie plexi   BMD Project coating   BMD Project welding



We cooperate with the best shipping companies which guarantee fast and safe delivery.

In certain cases, there is a possibility of delivering your products to us which we will place on the display unit. Subsequently, the units with the product will be shipped to wholesalers, shops or other points of sale.

Each of our display units is ready for use (“unpack and use”) or it is supplied with an instruction manual for fast and easy assembly (without the use of any additional tools).

Collective packaging has special labels which enable our clients’ logistics to quickly recognize the article without opening the package unnecessarily.

BMD Project instrukcja 2         BMD Project instrukcja 1       BMD Project etykiety